Carved Graphics
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Carved Graphics

Hand-carved Wood Signs and Fine Art

Signs To Get YOU Noticed

The sign for your business is your first contact with your customer. It is your first opportunity to begin the sales process. It begins a communication with your potential customer before they even walk through your door. Indeed, your sign should distinguish you from your competitors and welcome people into your store.

A hand-carved wood sign is a long-lasting thing of beauty which says that you are a business which represents lasting quality. When people see a hand-carved wood sign hanging in front of your business, they immediately get the impression that you have style and taste. You are the company with whom they want to do business.

Beautiful Fine Art

In addition to attention-getting signs, Fred Schlatter makes beautiful fine art pieces. Fred Schlatter was educated as a fine artist and sculptor. Rarely will you find someone who produces the kind of work that he does. He is a Graphic Designer who is able to execute projects in wood and metal.